Bar Admission 1976


Review No. 5

It was always my dream to open a small restaurant, where I could create a cozy atmosphere and serve a special menu of classic, fresh, and light Italian fare. My wife and I made this dream come true but when I was hospitalized for my heart, our business liability insurance lapsed, and someone wrongfully sued us claiming that we were at fault in causing her to fall on the premises. We stood to lose everything we had. Everything was at stake.  

We hired Fred to defend us. The case went to trial and Fred never backed down. He fought for us and the jury came in with a verdict totally in our favor. We didn't have to pay a dime. Fred saved us. He's an amazing lawyer inside the courtroom and a wonderful person both in and out of court. My wife and I highly recommend him.5 Stars


Review No. 6

Mr. Schofield handled 2 cases on a family members behalf. I will highly recommend him. If anything can be done on ones behalf, Mr. Schofield is definitely the lawyer to go to. Thumbs up and thank you for your time and efforts. 5 Stars


Review No. 7

Mr. Schofield got me into ARD for my DUI after the District Attorney rejected my application. That meant that I only lost my license for 30 days instead of a whole year and my record gets expunged. He did a great job. 5 Stars

Review No. 1    

Fred Schofield is a terrific lawyer who was introduced to me by a friend who had nothing but good things to say about Fred and the outcome of his case. I had a DUI case that had hard things to deal with because of my situation. Mr. Schofield spent extra time with me and my wife to have everything perfectly come out right in court. He was willing to work with my work schedule and we met him in evenings and weekends. Fred was there to help. My family and I are extremely happy with Mr. Schofield's representation, and are now moving on with our lives. Thanks again Mr. Schofield. Would definitely recommend. 5 stars‚Äč


Review No. 2   

El Sr. Fred Schofield es un excelente abogado. Mi esposo tenia un caso penal. Tenia cosas dificiles de manejar debido a su estatus migratorio que estaba dispuesto a trabaja con su caso my bien y siempre dispuesto a pasar el tiempo extra cuand lo necesitan. 5 stars


Review No. 3

After I was arrested, I received a number of letters from lawyers who offered their services. Fred's letter stood out and I hired him. He did a great job handling my case. His fee was very fair. (I know because I talked to a number of lawyers.) He's the guy to go to in Bucks County. 4 Stars


Review No. 4

As a Navy corpsman, serving with Marines in the first Gulf War, I was seriously injured in combat when my vehicle was blown up. My wounds required long-term treatment and I became addicted to narcotic pain killers. My addiction became so severe that I turned to street drugs (mostly opiates). Then I did some things that I would have never done if I had not been an addict. Cops charged with very serious misdemeanors and felonies in Bucks County and Philadelphia. In Bucks County my sentencing guidelines called for imprisonment at a state prison or county jail. Same deal in Philly.

My dad and I turned to Fred Schofield. Fred and my dad are Marine Corps Vietnam combat vets. And Fred promised to fight for us.

At the Bucks County courthouse, Fred told the judge a lot of things. What I remember most is that Fred said he was proud to stand by my side. I felt the same way. When we were done, I received no penalty. No state prison, no county jail, no fine, not even probation.

In Philadelphia, Fred placed me into Veteran's Court (at that time Bucks County did not have a program for vets), and all my charges were dismissed.

Fred understood what I was going through. Today I help vets who have problems like I had. I am grateful to Fred for all he did for me in court. It was like the Marines motto Semper Fi. He was always faithful. If 5 stars is the best rating, I give him: 6 stars.